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Last Updated: 11/12/2017

President Trump

Its the 9th November 2016 and this morning I arose to a whole new world, indeed one of the biggest shocks of my life. Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States of America.

I have very severe reservations about this man, but only time will tell. But without going into the rights or wrongs of the politics involved, the big burning question is "How could the opinion polls have been so far out"?

Well the answer is here in this image which says quite a lot. People who remained silent because in the atmosphere of stifling political correctness, the perceived necessity to express the 'right' views, to have the 'right' opinions, to socially conform. Say one thing, think something completely different, and when the opportunity comes to vote on it, the result is Trump.

And those who have had the courage to speak up are branded racists, homophobes, derided. laughed and sneered at by politicians who wont listen but feel that they know what is best for the rest of us.

Against all odds the man has done it. Here in the UK that bastion of 'balanced' reporting the BBC website even carefully chose the photographs of the man in the most unflattering poses and facial expressions, just as they did for Nigel Farage and look what eventually happened there.

The road to trump started with the re-election of Barack Obama, I listened to this mans inaugural speech with a growing sense of disbelief. Did, he talk of the American economy, the need to preserve jobs, world terrorism, or any other matter which concerns the average American citizen? NO, what we got was gay rights and blasted climate change.

My first thought was that he was actually taking the piss.

He made his bed and now he and his fellow Democrats are having to lie on it.

First the silent majority, now the silent revolution.

What I find really interesting is the attitude of Hilary Clinton, the unsuccessful candidate for the White House, "We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead". I applaud the lady for this, especially after some of the things that Trump said about her. I hope sincerely that everyone forgets some of the nastiness of the election campaign and moves on.

Isn't this a sharp contrast to post BREXIT Britain. A pity that some 'Remain' enthusiasts in this country cant take a leaf out of her book and give up trying to throw a spanner in the works. I cant stand bad losers.

The whole thing about this is that had "Remain" won the referendum, then the rest who disagreed would have just quietly accepted it. But because the "Leave" campaign won, we get "no this wasn't right, that wasn't right", we need a second referendum, or maybe a third after that if they still don't get the result they want.

They make me sick.


Here are some meaningful quotes and comments:

Quote: "I think they have to try to get back some of the working class people they lost," says Karen Ubelhart. "We've been so focused on minorities, we've totally missed the disenfranchised white people. A lot of these people used to vote Democratic."

Comment: Not just "white" people, people who are not gay, in fact are not anything, just ordinary.

Quote: "Education really does matter because what I think we're seeing here is a lot of really uneducated people voting for somebody that they think will help them - and they're misinformed," she said.

Comment: Yes, of course you know better and what's right for them, sorry but you are part of the problem. Your the "Democrats" party are you not? Try looking up the word "Democracy".


Christmas 2016 and some afterthoughts.

Well whatever Trump is, some of his supporters are really nasty. I have been totally appalled by some of the comments directed against Barack Obama and his wife. People who make such comments forget that they are saying more about themselves than the person against whom such comments are directed.


The Trump Inauguration 20th January 2017

Here I 'Cherry Pick' random comment from the BBC website, I don't really think it needs anything from me, it says it all on its own. But protesters seem to be destroying anything, maybe they have joined Islamic State.


A group of about 150 people in black face masks were seen by Reuters news agency, roaming the streets and smashing glass windows only moments ago.

Anti-Trump protestors, some wearing masks, are hassling anyone in this street who is smartly dressed.

Protests turn violent in central Washington with shop & bank windows smashed


He says he didn't vote for Trump, but he is supporting him now. "Not everything is the way you want it to be," he added.


The BBC's James Cook reports that up to 200 anarchists are protesting at Logan Circle in Washington DC, many wearing masks and dressed in black.

protestors are handing out free weed at Dupont Circle

I struggle to see any connection between shop windows and Donald Trump, maybe I am missing something. Someone may possibly explain it to me.

Personally I still struggle to get a handle on this man and hope that he knows what he is doing. His wife looks a smart piece of kit though and I think his speech sounded good, bar a few points. BBC/The Guardian is hard at it, my advice, "just give it up", (big yawn).

Attendance was very noticeably down which tends to indicate that ordinary decent people opposed to this man just stayed away, same with the protests. Just being left with the usual troublemakers.

The worldwide violent protests failed to materialise, all those McDonalds boarded up for nothing.

Spot the Difference. One black flag looks the same as another to me.

Trump protesters on the left, well they are aren't they.               Islamic State above

I think that the hatred and division was there in American society before Trump, his candidature simply brought it all out.

And the day after,

" Thousands of women are expected to join a march in London later as part of an international campaign on the first full day of Donald Trump's presidency.

The aim is to highlight women's rights, which protesters believe to be under threat from the new administration. Protests are set to take place all over the globe"

But not in Muslim countries, right?

And my Medal of Honour is awarded to.................................................................................................

Hilary Clinton for declaring; "We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead".

While others have been lying awake all night trying to dream up new ways to undermine him, this calm professional lady grasps the metal.


Jan 26 2017

From BBC website:

The economy grew by 0.6% in the October-to-December period, the same rate as in the previous two quarters, according to an initial estimate from the Office for National Statistics.
The figure indicates that the feared economic slowdown following the Brexit vote has not materialised.
For 2016 as whole, the economy grew by 2%, down from 2.2% in 2015.

Anti Brexit trolls had better get their sleeping pills out

Theresa May's Meeting, Feb 2017.

Following this and the events after I have come to the conclusion that Mrs May has made a good old fashioned cock up.

Now the thing to remember is that we are in truth in a difficult position in as much as it is important to keep good relations with the USA, and part of this is a co existence with Mr Trump.

Now whatever you think of Trump, remember that he is a businessman, and a very good one, and to a degree he is very good at disguising this causing people to underestimate him. May visited the USA with a mind focussed on persuading him to drop the 'waterboarding' which is basically a form of torture. She did this not realising that the torture thing was actually Trumps 'loss leader' and that he had no real intention of implementing this anyway. This is what I think.

In this she achieves a great success. Gets photographed actually holding hands with him, and arranges a state visit on behalf of the Queen. She comes back to the UK flushed with success and then Trumps real agenda breaks out.

Oh Dear.

Of course, we all knew he was going to introduce these immigration curbs because it was one of his stated policies that he went to the polls on and that the American people voted for.

Arranging the visit was a bad error of judgment, but stopping it now that it has been arranged would be a worse one.

I expect that when it does go ahead, assuming that it does, it will cause embarrassment for the queen and provoke a mass of demonstrations with the usual troublemakers turning out in force with the police in the middle to keep the two sides apart.

From BBC website 06/02/2017

"The BBC has obtained a more localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June."


Just give it up. OK.

From BBC website 17/02/2017

The face of Tony Blair was homepage for all day, as if we haven't seen enough of it.

"Tony Blair has said it is his "mission" to persuade Britons to "rise up" and change their minds on Brexit."

Blatant Bias Corporation ran this as a header on their website all day, no mention for instance of the riots in France now within a stones throw of the Eiffel Tower, 47 cars set alight, police coming under fire etc.

No, it appears that they wont all give it up. Tell you what, I now would like to see a second referendum!

Have I changed sides, no. Its just that after all the crap we were fed on the run up to the referendum, and now after the result the country is booming, a second referendum would return an even bigger Brexit, what a lovely chance to put the the boot in.

Be careful what you wish for Tony

The Dishonourable Order of the Wet Kipper                                                                                                

I have just founded this new order.

Candidates must have acted very dishonourably, committed acts against the people usually to further their own ends, sort to enrich themselves at the expense of others, lied in public office, or at very least sold a bill of goods while really coming from somewhere else.

The initiation is a Public Humiliation where they get hit in the face with a wet kipper before having it hung around their neck, against the slow beating of a background drum and simultaneously broadcast on live TV.

So far I have the following names on the list.

Bill Clinton             Peter Mandelson (anti democracy campaigner)

George Soros

Gina Miller

Tony Blair (Liar and anti democracy campaigner)

Phil Shiner (Bent 'solicitor', sold out our heroes for money) For this guy I wouldn't just hit him with the kipper, I'd ram it down his bloody throat until he choked. Cant do 'funny' on this one.


This is an attempt at light hearted 'payback' to try and counter some of the nastiness that's going around.


So where is it?

I am not a Christian, I'm a Buddhist, but I never encounter any Buddhismophobia. I hear a lot about Islamophobia though.

Maybe someone can enlighten me about this.

Racism and Islamophobia

If those who know much better than the rest of us can excuse my temerity in exceeding my station in life as one of the ignorant masses who completely disregarded the instructions of my betters and voted for Brexit, I would like to take the liberty to point out that Islam is a religion and not a race. So the term "racist" does not necessarily apply to someone who feels uneasy about the potential spread of Islam

Understanding Donald Trump

After a great seal of thought I now have it figured. He is out to do what he said he would do and what he got elected for, other than that he doesn't give a toss. You can call him a racist if that's what you want him to be, or can say he is the Lizard King, and he wont care.

One thing he has indicated is that he is against American overseas military adventurism and regime change, bar the destruction of Islamic State. In my mind American foreign policy is at the root of most of the trouble in the world today, and it goes back to the Vietnam war which achieved nothing except the death of thousands of people.

Was the world safer before the overthrow of Saddam Hussein? Definitely yes!

And that's what Trump said.

Now we have Tony Blair back in action, the shop that sold us 'weapons of mass destruction' and 'ready in 45 minutes' wants to sell us better off without Brexit. Blatant miss selling.


People who have trouble sleeping at night through lying awake trying to figure out ways of derailing Brexit may want to look at my suggestions for getting a good nights rest.

One could try watching recordings of John Majors speeches of 20 years ago on the Maastricht Treaty, or Herman Van Rompuy's inauguration speech. If that fails try reading up about VAT.

Counting sheep is an old one, but better still try counting EU Directives, if you can count that far.

Blatant Bias Corporation (BBC) February 2017

As mentioned above we had Tony B Liars mug and historic mission to con us all (again) on their website for a full 2 days, but no mention of the rioting and looting and attacks on the police in Sweden, and only a brief mention of the same going on in Paris. I can understand the embarrassment though, after the media comments following Trumps reference to "whats going on in Sweden".

Thing is the media are all playing into his hands and he is out to discredit them but they cant see it. They need to be careful not to walk into his traps.

Having said this, the good old Beeb, paid for by our TV licence fees, is running true to form.

The BBC’s prime time soap Eastenders has pushed the anti-Brexit narrative of hate crime against foreigners, facing a huge backlash from viewers. That’s despite Essex Police making clear that increased reports are due to greater awareness and confidence in police.

The show’s landmark pub the Queen Vic was covered in “Poles go home” graffiti, with screenwriter Leo Richardson justifying the move as being about the issue of racism.

In my view Polish people are generally cheerful, likeable, and hard working and in my view least likely to attract hate crime anyway.

Trump compared to Hitler!

Amnesty International and many others are comparing Trump to Hitler.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised US President Donald Trump for condemning a recent spate of anti-Semitic incidents in the US.

Maybe they should get together on it. Or ask his daughter and her husband what they think, considering that they are Jewish.

Trump Latest 23/02/2017

From BBC website:

"Donald Trump's government has revoked guidance to US public schools that allowed transgender students to use toilets matching their gender identity.
The guidance, issued by his predecessor Barack Obama, had been hailed by as a victory for transgender rights.
But critics said it threatened other students' privacy and safety, and should be decided at state level."

This is interesting in that to my thinking it highlights a lot of the issues that brought Trump to power. A very quick piece of research suggests that the percentage of transgender people in the US runs at 0.3% or 3 in 1,000. So how many will you get in the average educational institute?

More from the web:

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten called the move a major setback for trans rights.
"By rescinding these protections, the Trump administration is compromising the safety and security of some of our most vulnerable children," she said.
"Reversing this guidance tells trans kids that it's OK with the Trump administration and the Department of Education for them to be abused and harassed at school for being trans."
Some celebrities also criticised the decision on social media, with TV presenter Ellen DeGenere tweeting: "This isn't about politics. It's about human rights."

Yes it is for sure, but whose rights, the rights of 3 or the rights of 1,000. The only way that I can see where the "abused and harassed" would come into it is where one single person could make 333 others feel uncomfortable using a toilet.

That was my initial take on it, but.......

Whatever sex one is, when you have to go, you have to go. So where are they supposed to go?

The thing is as well, how do you know that you are not sharing a toilet with a gay or lesbian? I bet that they would be better behaved in there than the fellow in a toilet in Wales who stepped back away from the urinal and then stood facing me holding himself with a grin on his face.

No Donald, just leave it.

And while I am on, what's this about building up nuclear weapons.

The LAST thing the world needs is more nuclear weapons.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) 25/02/2017


Tower Hamlets, a London borough in the East End of London, has the highest percentage of Muslims in the whole of the UK at 38% compared to the national average of 5%.

The 85 known reports of FGM in this one London borough are only the ones that the NHS know about.

I appreciate that the vast majority of Muslims are decent law abiding people and outwardly there would be nothing to distinguish them from anyone else. Indeed, I probably have friends who are Muslim, I don't ask about such things. I suppose that its just like anything else, like my mine exploring, all it takes is a few to louse things up for everyone else.

However, my views on this nefarious practice are quite simple, MANDATORY 5 YEARS IN JAIL! for anyone performing this vile act.

Where a child is at risk Social Services have the power to remove them from risk and put them into a place of safety.


Hope not Hate; a disappointment.

I have thought for some time that the only hope is for ordinary people to come together whether Christian or Muslim and fight extremism together. I had high hopes of but after browsing their website it seems that its just another left wing outfit. Ah well.

It appears that they, and others of that kind regard UKIP as fascist. The word has been redefined that many times I am totally confused. Personally, I struggle to any difference between UKIP and the current Brexit Tory government, it appears that the voters of Stoke and Copeland may feel the same way.

Maybe supporting Brexit makes a person a fascist? If so there is lot of them of around.

Understanding Donald Trump 2

A basic principle of international politics is that if your enemy is also my enemy then that makes you my friend.

So who is the enemy?

The word: "Fascist"

The word "Fascist" has been so overused and misused, usually by people on the left who apply it to anyone who disagrees with their point of view, that it is now totally worn out. Its totally knackered, done for.

English is the worlds main vehicle for communication and the word "Fascist"  is its bald tyre.

March 2017

There is a battle going on between Trump and the media, so what else is new. However, my take on it is a competition based on who can make the biggest fools of themselves. Both sides appear to be just plucking nonsense out of thin air and throwing it at the other.

I may have a final handle on Trump; the mans a complete idiot.

No I take that back, not a complete idiot, there are probably parts missing.

It would be kind to say that he is just completely lacking in political skills, but there is more to it than that.

Shame really as it was an opportunity to restore some 'balance'. Ordinary people were being shoved, and if you shove someone hard enough they shove back, and this is what is happening all over.

We have been shoved by the establishment, shoved by the EU, shoved by assertive and aggressive minorities, shoved by religious fundamentalism, and shoved by the liberal left.

Now its payback time.

Paul Nuttall on Tony Blair and BREXIT

"I should be grateful though, every time Blair turns up on our screens or in our papers he reminds people of the reasons that they voted to free the country from the grip of people like him."

Its amazing to me how sometimes someone manages to say so much in so few words.

Pro Corbyn Rally

It has been said that one photograph is worth a thousand words.

If Jeremy wont lead you mate, you could always ask The Alien.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): Detroit (USA) doctor Jumana Nagarwala faces life in jail

A doctor in the US city of Detroit has been charged with carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the country.
Prosecutors said Jumana Nagarwala had been performing the practice on girls aged between six and eight for 12 years.
She was investigated after the authorities received a tip-off.
If found guilty, she faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.


So why don't we do this here in the UK?

Its sexual abuse so jail the parents as well.

Marine Le Penn says that if elected she will "cut Islamic fundamentalism down to its knees"

Well I hope you are elected lady and kick some ass

A gem from France:

"Commissioned by “libertine social network” Wyylde, the study of 4,000 French individuals found that people on the far left are much more likely than the average Frenchman to share their wives...."

From what I have seen of 'far left' womenfolk, I think I'll pass.

My Hero of the week

Prominent British imam Dr. Taj Hargey has backed UKIP’s “courageous” new policy to ban the Islamic face veil, saying “the major political parties do not have the foresight or fortitude to tackle this toxic gateway ideology”.
Dr. Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, did not comment on other elements UKIP’s new “integration agenda”, but echoed the party’s arguments by insisting veiling was a “cultural” rather than spiritual practice “imported” from “backward places”.

The imam even hit back at liberals seemingly defending radical Islam and Islamism, after the press sought to mock and trivialise UKIP’s integration policies. He slammed “liberal pandering to burgeoning Muslim extremism”.

Dr. Hargey said in a statement to the Oxford Times: “By banning the burka, Britain would belatedly follow the courageous lead of France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Morocco, Chad, Niger and other nations in outlawing this hideous tribal rag that has nothing to do with Islam, but only besmirches the Holy Qur’an.

“Instead of the liberal pandering to burgeoning Muslim extremism in the UK – which champions facial concealment as a religious requirement and ‘personal choice’ – the British public should be advised that there is no obligation for female facial coverings in Islam’s divine scripture.

“This nefarious Wahhabi-imported fad from Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and other backward places, derives not from Islam’s sacred text, but from the highly-suspect patriarchal sayings, hadith, of the Prophet Muhammad that were compiled some 300 years after his death.”

In the past Dr. Hargey had also called for Sharia law to be rejected, as well as urging Muslims to reform Islam and modernise more generally.

The thing to remember is that the majority of Muslims in this country are peaceful law abiding people but need to get the guts to speak out like Dr Hargey. I applaud him and feel that he should be given more media coverage so as to encourage other reformist Muslims.

May 13 2017

Prince William said "nobody should be bullied for their sexuality", as he was recognised for supporting the LGBT community.

Well yes, I could not agree more, but.........

Why do the rest of us have to put up with it being shoved in our faces all the while?

Why cant they just live their lifestyles quietly and not try to impose their rules on the rest of us? Like the transgender lot trying all the while to 'gender neutralise' society.

I was born a man, have a penis (which I still have), am attracted to women, the thought of 'gay sex' makes me puke, and I style myself as a "Mr". And if anyone doesn't like that its F.You.

All more paving slabs on the road to Trump.

Actually I don't think he is doing a bad job, so far.


Dear Sir

I recently watched a young man being dragged away by police after attempting to approach Theresa May while blowing a trumpet at her, all the while he was shouting "This is a Fascist State".

This worries me greatly as I have many friends from different ethnic backgrounds including quite a few Jewish people. If this is a Fascist state, am I likely to be dragged from my home in the middle of the night and taken to some kind of camp?

Yet I read elsewhere that everyone who voted for BREXIT is a Fascist, which is what I did. So am I a Fascist?

Confused from Great Wyrley

Feeding on ignorance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “President Trump says he’s pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. My message to you, Mr. President, is that as a public servant, and especially as a president, your first and most important responsibility is to protect the people,” Schwarzenegger begins.

He then proceeds to chronicle the negative effects of pollution in the United States.

“Two hundred thousand people die every year in the U.S. from air pollution, and half of our rivers and streams are too polluted for our health,” he says.

“We can’t sit back and just do nothing while people are getting sick and dying, especially when you know there’s another way.”

Schwarzenegger goes on to suggest that without the Paris accord, we will face a “dirty energy future with asthma, emphysema and cancer.”

The trouble is, President Trump would heartily agree with Schwarzenegger’s point (while perhaps debating the exact statistics). According to President Trump, clean air and water are exactly the issues that the EPA should be dealing with.

But this has nothing to do with the Paris climate accord.

Nowhere does the 25-page agreement deal with battling air pollution or cleaning up rivers and streams. It deals specifically with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), with the stated objective of combating “global warming.”

Carbon dioxide is not a toxic gas. No one is dying from CO2 “air pollution,” or from rivers and streams polluted with carbon dioxide. It is an essential plant food gas and comprises about 8% of the air we and all animals breath out. Its forms 0.04% of the air around us, of which half is produced naturally.

Everything Schwarzenegger mentions in his short video—from air pollution to clean water to asthma, emphysema and cancer—is completely unrelated to the President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord.

He should have tried actually reading the document first. A lot in common here with Diane Abbot.

If you meet someone who keeps pushing global warming, try asking them how much CO2 there is in the atmosphere and how much is attributable to mankind.


      If the cap fits





Dear Sir

Years ago the ultra right held marches. There were many nasty racist types who would chant: "Two, four, six, eight, we don't want to integrate"

Nowadays there are those who push for integration as apposed to multiculturalism where different cultures run parallel within the same country. These people are sometimes branded as "Fascists"

Which is it?

Confused from Great Wyrley


Dear Sir

Diversity is constantly being promoted as enriching our society, however I see increasing pressure to gender neutralise us.

Surely the "gender stereotype" and the biological and visual 'diversity' between male and female is part of normal attraction between the sexes.

So do we have 'gender diversity' or 'gender neutral'?

Which is it?

Confused from Great Wyrley

Real Hope not Hate

The real source of hope in the world is Reformist Islam, and in this Saudi Arabia appears to be taking a lead amongst Islamic countries.

From the BBC:

"In September, King Salman announced that women would be permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia for the first time from June 2018 - another move opposed by clerics,
And at an economic conference attended by foreign investors the following month, Prince Mohammed declared that Saudi Arabia would once again be "a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions, traditions and people".
Seventy per cent of the Saudi population were under 30 and they wanted a "life in which our religion translates to tolerance, to our traditions of kindness ", he said."


More silly people

It seems that '45 minute Tony', frantic anti democracy-anti BREXIT campaigner has run a poll, but despite the obviously loaded question has not got the result he wanted.

Maybe his paymaster George Soros should have pumped more money in.

Trump scores a trump

Well with talk of possible nuclear war with North Korea it seems that Trump has sat down at a table and talked man to man with Kim Jong-un and walked away with a peace deal.

Now its possible that North Korea never had any nukes and Mr Kim is a very clever man. This is something we will never know. But what is for sure is that the world is now a safer place, and all down to Donald Trump.

I have no doubt that some are crying and banging their heads on the wall over this absolute fact, but there is bugger all they can do. Yes it was Trump that did it.

Totally hilarious.

Why does the "Hope not Hate" website seem to promote George Soros?

 A convicted criminal, arguably the richest man in the world, the man who broke the Bank of England, and now spends huge sums interfering in the affairs of foreign sovereign states.

Understanding Tommy Robinson

Now here is a real challenge

The Hope not Hate website takes this up and actually makes a fairly balanced assessment, err except that they just cannot help it but have to stick in stick in the 'big lie'


The URL reads similar, follow the link to read the full article:

Well I doubt that anyone would consider him the messiah, but violent, yes, far right, maybe, racist, certainly not. But they just cant stop themselves from doing it.

At one time he was a member of a so called football 'firm' , organised football hooliganism, so no stranger to violence. Far right, well HNH make a fairly strong argument, but where does "racist" come into it.

My perception is that he changes like the weather, one time he wants all Muslims sent back to where they came from, another time he is talking to moderate reformist Muslims and applauding them.

Here is an interview with him where he talks a lot about himself:

As we all know he is currently in jail (July 2018) and there is a really big "Free Tommy" campaign going on, he is described as a political prisoner.

No he is not, he is in jail for committing a criminal offence and breach of a former suspended sentence.

He was arrested for giving a live broadcast outside a court where there was an ongoing trial and he named defendants etc, his sentence incorporated a suspended sentence for a earlier similar offence.

In our society everyone who is accused is entitled to a fair trial, whatever they are accused off. Trial by social media is not on. If we change that then terrorists and those who wish to destroy us will have won.

Of course, in the world of politics truth and common sense have little place.

Update August 2018

It appears that Robinson has been released pending a new trial by an appeal judge who heavily criticized the earlier trial where he was fast tracked through the system together with other serious procedural errors. At no time was he or his defence informed as to what exactly the contempt referred to.

I now feel I have to recant on some of my previous comments. There are some serious questions here that need answers.

How come the earlier hearing was conducted as it was?

How come he was sent to a prison with a 70% Muslim population where he felt forced to live on tinned tuna as he felt good reason to believe his meals had been tampered with.

Whatever he is, he at least has the same rights, and deserves the same duty of care in custody, as rapists, terrorists, and murders.

There are serious questions here that need answers.

Boris and the Burqa

Boris Johnson has in a recent article commented that burqas look like letterboxes and are ridiculous.

Well I for one agree, full face coverings should be banned in public, full stop. I have gone into this before.

Suppose I took to wearing a Balaclava, how would people react? Ridiculous is ridiculous.

Not surprisingly his comments have attracted fury from fundamentalisms 'useful idiots'.

I hope he stands his ground. We shall see.