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Last Updated: 22/10/2020

UK General Election 2019

Well we all know how it went. Those who wanted a second referendum should have been more careful what they wished for. With a lot of the stuff on here being old news I have done a mass deletion as I think this is a good time to start afresh.

We shall see how things go.

All you need is love

Violent demonstrations in London following the 2019 UK General Election result. These people want publicity and I sincerely hope that they get it, complete with their T-Shirt slogans and shouted slogans. It seems that the "F" word is now the common buzz word rather than "sustainable". No comments would be necessary.

Maybe they should join Islamic State. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to send them the membership application forms.


Quote of the month:

"Mr Corbyn himself argued in an article in the Observer newspaper that he was "proud we won the arguments", which begs the obvious question: if this election showed Labour had won the arguments, what would losing the arguments have looked like?"

John Pienaar
BBC Deputy political editor, following the UK 2019 General Election

This is totally, absolutely, priceless, but be advised of bad language. (Lots of "F" word in keeping with the times)

So much home truth said in jest.

A lot of his other stuff is worth watching, even more home truths and old fashioned common sense.

'Taking the piss' is a lot nicer than nastiness which basically feeds the leftists, activists, establishment useful idiots etc who want to shove their stuff down the throats of the rest of us. Yes, take the piss, and if that fails, then we can still tell them to ................... you know the rest.


Brexit campaigner and Wetherspoon pub chain founder Tim Martin has hit out at Bank of England economic growth projections for the UK after Brexit.

The bank said on Thursday that Brexit-related uncertainty had "weighed on investment" over the past few years - although outgoing Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said fewer companies in the UK are worried about Brexit, and that survey data suggested UK growth will improve.

But policymakers now believe the UK's potential growth has been reduced to 1.1%. This is down from 2.9% before the financial crisis and 1.6% over most of the past decade.

Mr Martin, who has never been shy of giving his opinion on Brexit, said that the Bank “talks absolute cobblers”.

“I just wish they would shut up," he said.

"They have been so wrong on everything they’ve said. For example, they and others said just by voting Leave, would by today have lost half a million jobs.

"Since 2016, we’ve created a million, so they were wrong by a ginormous amount, and government revenues from tax is at a record high, household income’s at a record high, employment’s at a record high.

What do we have to do?”

Answer: Tell them to ---- off

Reading Tealeaves

In 1973 we joined an economic block called the “Common Market”. Basically, it was what it said on the tin, an economic block. We also had a referendum on membership a while later in which the British people voted overwhelmingly to remain a member.

Since then a lot has changed. From its original title it became the “European Economic Union” and finally the “European Union”, the shift from an economic union to a political one being rather obvious.

Basically, it’s fair to say that if things had stayed as they were we would not be where we are to day.
From now on many eyes will be watching how this country performs economically and other things in general. If we only do as well as we were doing before we shall be seen as making a success of it, and others will follow. I have no doubt about that.

In many areas Europe is showing signs of unrest, witness the recent civil unrest in France.

This may well be a new beginning for Britain, but also could be the beginning of the end of the EU.


The Impeachment of Donald Trump

It may well go down in history as one of the greatest 'non events' of the times, basically the impeachment of a US president on the basis of a single phone call. Some have described it as "politically inspired", well, I never!

I mean it was hardly another Watergate was it? Or even "I did not have sex with that woman". Cant really ever see it being made into a Hollywood movie.

Summed up neatly "Lamar Alexander said the Democrats had proved Mr Trump acted inappropriately but it was not an impeachable offence."

I wonder how much this farce has cost the American taxpayer. And Trump has probably come out of it a bit stronger to boot, the Democrats have rather shot themselves in the foot here methinks.


The 2019 election and the Labour Party

This paper by Lord Ashcroft is well worth the read. Regardless of the fact that Lord Ashcroft is a former Conservative Party chairman and a major donor to the party is is evenly balanced and takes material from polls of ordinary people.

Labour made the worst election results since the 1930s and if anyone wants the answers why, this is the place to find them.

Diagnosis of defeat


Common sense and freedom of speech- not quite dead

A Harry Miller has won his High Court freedom of speech battle against Humberside Thought Police over his right to make jokes about transgenderism on social media.

Miller, himself an ex-copper, was incensed when Humberside Police sent a police officer round to his home in order to ‘check his thinking’, a rather sinister remark if there ever was one, after some remarks he had made on Twitter were classified as a ‘non-crime hate incident.’

Last year he decided that he would fight the issue in the courts rather than accept that the police had any business sniffing through his Twitter feed in search of offensive material.

The judge has agreed that his tweets were legitimate.

Mr Justice Knowles said:

The claimant’s tweets were lawful and there was not the slightest risk that he would commit a criminal offence by continuing to tweet.

I find the combination of the police visiting the claimant’s place of work, and their subsequent statements in relation to the possibility of prosecution, were a disproportionate interference with the claimant’s right to freedom of expression because of their potentially chilling effect.

He continued:

In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society.

The thing is, and I feel I speak for the majority of people here. We have nothing against anyone whatever their orientation of whatever, so why cant they just get on with it and leave the rest of us out of it? If this was the case Mr Miller would have no doubt been able to keep his opinions to himself and not upset anyone. Something to think about.

Personally I think Mr miller has been rather decent about it. If it has been me I would have told the police to either arrest me or f.... off.


Corona Virus

Well here we are, and I am not really surprised about it, I saw it coming.

When all of this is over, and eventually it will, one way or another, people will be looking for scapegoats, someone to blame. Well, I can tell you here who is to blame, ourselves.

When you have a situation whereby on the whim of the moment people think nothing of jumping onto a plane and flying half way across the world to play a game of golf, or see the sights in Moscow, or whatever, the current situation is hardly surprising.

In the 19th Cent if something like this had started in China, it would have stayed in China. But nowadays with so many people back and forth across the world in a matter of hours , this is the result. People need to change their lifestyles, or next time it will be far worse.


And now, Cancel Culture

This is the best bit on common sense that I have read in a long time, from Nick Cave, an Australian rock star of all things,  and well worth a read.

Just follow the link to the BBC feature, I have nothing useful to add.


Boris means business

Mr Johnson responding to news that only orchestral versions of Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia! will be played at this year's Last Night of the Proms, told reporters: "I cannot believe... that the BBC is saying that they will not sing the words of Land Of Hope And Glory or Rule Britannia! as they traditionally do at the end of The Last Night of The Proms.

"I think it's time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions, and about our culture, and we stopped this general fight of self-recrimination and wetness.

"I wanted to get that off my chest,"
he added.

Well yes, about time, just hope that he doesn't start wetting himself and recants


Appalling sexual exploitation of children!

This is one of the worst things I have seen. A newly released movie, Cuties, features an eleven year old girl and other children, scantily dressed, performing erotic dances. The intended purpose of the film I understand, is a social message against just the sort of thing that it has itself become. Somewhat charitably, I would say that the people who produced this must be half brain dead, it obvious the audience that it will attract.

To make matters worse, our good old lefty Guardian Newspaper, actually makes excuses for this disgusting filth. Read it here:

Thanks for telling us where "The Left" stands on this sort of thing, now we all know.

I also have some news for them. The petition at:

isn't 150,000 now, 15.00 today 11th Sept 2020 it stands at 368,000, 1,000 having signed in the last 20 minutes.


It hit just over 750,000 and then was taken down. Form your own conclusions.


Puppy Training

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have just caused some controversy by releasing a video urging people to vote in the US election. Its really a rather blatant anti Trump exercise, so what else is new.

Taken with the couple sitting on a bench, Harry giving all the impression of a naughty puppy who has just been given a dose of its own lead, sits quietly while his mistress does most of the talking. When he does speak, she does look quite pleased, probably with herself having trained him so well. Read the body language, similar to the dog owners at Cruft's.

I have done quite a bit on body language as part of my interest in martial arts, and have learned to totally ignore what comes out of a persons mouth, its all rubbish. Everything is all there in the body language.

Next time you get to see footage of this couple, and there is no shortage of it, as they feed on publicity and without it would waste away, you observe the body language.  You will see what I mean.


From BBC Website

What about where they stand on things that matter, like national security, the American economy, dealing with the virus etc?