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Pregnant Men!



The British government is pushing the United Nations (UN) to use the politically correct term “pregnant people” instead of “women” so the transgendered do not feel excluded.


I attempted to ascertain just what proportion of society is represented by the 'transgendered', I could not come up with a figure for the UK, but USA is 0.3%, or 3 in every thousand.

According to The Times, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) submission claimed that the term “pregnant woman” could “exclude transgender people who have given birth”.

Yet, in the UK, there have only ever been two examples of transgendered people who consider themselves to be men giving birth.

Sarah Ditum, a feminist writer, told the paper: “This isn’t inclusion. This is making women unmentionable.

“Having a female body and knowing what that means for reproduction doesn’t make you ‘exclusionary’. Forcing us to decorously scrub out any reference to our sex on pain of being called bigots is an insult.”


Apart from the sheer bloody daftness of this several things emerge, but first lest look at facts:


Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. Girls grow up to become women and can have babies, men cannot have babies. Full stop.

As I understand it transgendered people can have embryo transplants to create a sort of simulated pregnancy, don't know who pays for this but I can guess.


Now reading above the most offended group are feminists, yet another aggressive minority.

What these aggressive minorities forget when they attempt to shove their stinking porridge down the throats of the rest of us, is that "the rest of us" will include other aggressive minorities.


Maybe time to get the popcorn out.


Of course, the big question is that in the name of equality, should men be allowed time of work to have babies?





Age concern

A Dutch "positivity trainer" (politically correct non-job) has launched a legal battle to change his age and boost his dating prospects.

Emile Ratelband, 69, wants to shift his birthday from 11 March 1949 to 11 March 1969, comparing the change to identifying as being transgender.

"We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can't I decide my own age?" he said.

A local court in the eastern city of Arnhem is expected to rule on the case within four weeks.

Read full story here:

Assuming that the court does not have him committed under some Mental Health Act and actually rules in his favour, he may well consider it a pyrrhic victory when his pensions get stopped.