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                                  Return to the dark Ages; torture, beheading, burning alive, its here in 2017

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When I was a kid I loved to be taken to see castles, they held a sort of fascination for me. The one place I held in awe was the torture chamber, I had night mares about he things that used to go on in there. My parents would reassure me that those days are gone, but now it seems that they are coming back.

We are all aware that in countries occupied by so called  "Islamic State" non believers are beheaded, tortured and burned alive. Homosexuals are thrown from the roofs of buildings, women are treated as inferior possessions, young girls subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and adulterers stoned to death in public.

Chechnya, a Muslim country, is the first country since World War 2 to build concentration camps for homosexuals.

We shudder at some of things that we hear about on the news going on in other countries but feel safe and secure here in the UK where the rule of democratic law prevails. It could never happen here, but wait........


Europe has seen a massive influx of migrants from the east and as such a huge growth in the Muslim communities.  While most Muslims are ordinary decent people, particularly here in the UK, there are about 20 -25% who have some sympathy for the extremists. There are about 5% who hold extremist views.

Here in the UK we voted to leave the European Union. In the future we will look back on this and thank God we did it because I hate to say this but I can see Europe going up in flames. I hope that I am wrong on this but at this point time things are getting visibly worse.

If people come to our country they must live by our laws and adopt the ways of our society, there will NEVER be Sharia Law here in the UK, and when those who drive for this push hard enough we will understandably start pushing back, and there are are more of us than there are of them.

Here in the UK we have seen violent Muslim demonstrations with the black flag of Jihad and banners proclaiming "Down with Freedom", "Down with democracy" and "Sharia Law Now". There has been so called "Sharia Patrols" in Muslim areas with Women being intimidated, couples holding hands, and gays all being subjected to intimidation and abuse.

In Sweden there are 'no go zones', in France ongoing terrorist attacks, at time of writing 238 people killed since 2015.

Here in the UK FGM cases are running at up to 500 a month, we have had Lee Rigby beheaded on our streets, a Halal Slaughterhouse here in Norfolk England was exposed by secret filming only last year. How can a country that prides itself on animal welfare became home to butchers who donít stun animals before slaughtering them.

In Rotherham at at least 1,400 children, most of them white girls aged 11Ė15, had been sexually abused  between 1997 and 2013 by a network of British-Pakistani men.

All this is going on here in OUR country.

Pictures below are from our streets here in the UK. BE WARNED.

The very idea of reason, other than rolling over and letting them take over which is what every patriotic Englishman would fight against to the death, and as I said, more of us than there are of them, is unacceptable. So how do we fight this threat. Well extreme situations demand extreme measures, so here we go.

1/ Mosques where Jihad, hatred and terrorism are being preached should be bulldozed. Alternative is for ordinary decent moderate Muslims to take the side of the society in which they live and denounce the extremists reporting them to the authorities, and in so doing save their Mosque. Simple.

2/ A national audit of Sharia Councils (Sharia Courts do not exist in the UK, here the law is made by parliament and our official courts) with licensing and clearly defined parameters which if exceeded would result in the offending council being shut down. They would have a duty to report incidents of domestic violence. Endorse it and its goodbye Mosque. (An inquiry into Sharia Councils has already been initiated by Theresa May)

3/ A national initiative against domestic violence (this has been done already by Theresa May) with equal rights for women (already in law) being enforced.

4/ Parents being held responsible for incidents of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as a sexual abuse, which it is. Heavy prison sentences for all involved in this vile practice.

5/ ALL extremists, expressing Jihadist opinions, black flags etc being jailed and held indefinitely until a Muslim country agrees to take them off our hands, then they would be deported even if they were born here or even native English.

6/ Separate jails for Jihadist prisoners so that they cannot pass their poison onto others. (This is already being done by Theresa May)

7/ Ban full face covering in public. To include the Burka, Hajib, and face scarves etc.

Full face covering usually with a scarf is the way of violent demonstrators, Hitler worshippers, Islamic fundamentalists and Jihadis, anarchists and other trash when attacking the police or property.

Burkas and Hajibs worn for religious reasons are antisocial and a barrier to integration.


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