This interest started while I was still in my teens. I used to spend a lot of time at the disused slate mines at Bryneglwys.

Bryneglwys Page

Digitalisations of some of the late David Bick's research material.

David Bick Archives



Digitalisations of some of the Cornish material I have.

Cornwall Archives

I enjoy taking photographs underground



Coal Mines Near Me

ABOVE: Temple Mine, mid Wales

An impressive underground angle bob was worked by a system of wire rope and iron flat rods powered by a water wheel


Some Notable Wiltshire Quarrymen

A website devoted to the exploration of disused mine workings

In 2012 I founded a new charity to help preserve our mining heritage       Cambrian Mines Trust

In 2015 I founded another similar organisation     Natural Amenities Ltd

A totally brilliant website by Chris Ebbs: Flintshire Mining.