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World Events: Putting politics to the sword. I call it how I see it wherever it falls.


Absolutely priceless  This is seriously worth a read, one of the best articles I have read. July 2018

A Disgrace  Everything that is wrong with our society Updated April 2018

A good deal for Britain  A BREXIT Alternative

Daftest ever.   Pregnant Men!  Age reassignment!  Politically correct lunacy at its best. Updated November 2018

Diversity to Die For  An Islamic State promotion and recruiting video, MADE AND SCREENED BY THE BBC!. 

Google and facebook: Masters of the universe   We are no longer consumers, we are the product. Read on.  New

Islamic Fundamentalism  The evil cult that is a threat to freedom and democracy. Updated April 2018

New Terrorists They dress in black, carry flags use violence, burn cars and buildings, and build bombs. Updated November 2018

Pensioners with attitude  Scumbags who prey on the elderly, beware! Times are changing. New

Politics, fake news, and people really coming from somewhere else  Not connected? Read on.

Changing world Trump elected president of the USA! Read on. Updated July 2019

Climate change or to be more precise, man-made global warming

 A return to the dark Ages It couldn't happen? Read on.

The Trump Russian dossier Remember this, "a very important person said this", allegations of bed wetting etc Updated march 2018


General Matters

BBC    Blatant Bias Corporation or fair and even handed news coverage? Well we all pay for it. Updated Nov 2019

Credit Card  This is what can happen to someone who pays on time and does nothing at all wrong, be warned! New

Politics  The prison for us all, read on.........

Scams  Be adding to this page as I spot them Updated march 2018

Green How green are you?

Wonderful Technology  Is it wonderful, when it starts to take over?

To date I have not had a single death threat, this really shakes my faith in human nature.