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       Most are ongoing blogs.   I have removed a lot of pages as I have decided to keep out of politics and the 'culture wars'. Let them all get on with it, I stay out! Better things to occupy myself with.


Google and facebook: Masters of the universe   We are no longer consumers, we are the product. Read on. 

The banning of the sale of new diesel, petrol, and hybrid cars.  A statement put out by the Alliance of British Drivers and worth reading.

BBC    Blatant Bias Corporation or fair and even handed news coverage? Well we all pay for it. Updated Nov 2019

Credit Card  This is what can happen to someone who pays on time and does nothing at all wrong, be warned!

Scams  Be adding to this page as I spot them Updated Oct 2020

Green How green are you?

Wonderful Technology  Is it wonderful, when it starts to take over?

Interesting video clip - If you mess with someone, they may well mess with you. Hope some will take the lesson.


Here in the UK it is a serious criminal offence to carry an offensive weapon. So what do you call that? And there is squat that the law can do about it. About 30 years of karate. It does brick walls and is so fast all you see is a blur.

I have deleted a lot of old pages that are old news or no longer relevant, but kept some of the best stuff. Dec 2019.