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                                                          Politics; the prison for us all.

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An interesting side effect of what's going on in the world at present is an attempt to put it into a political pigeon hole, or in other words, attach a label to it. Brexit, UKIP, Trump etc has all been the subject of this by the media. "New Right", "Alternative Right", and now "Populism". Trying to pin down Trump has produced its peculiarities, like accusing him of being a Nazi, the fact that he has been courting Israel and his daughter and her husband are Jewish appears to have been overlooked. The idea of Jewish Nazis is ridiculous.


So what's going on?


The thing about politics, is once one decides "I am such or such a thing" Conservative, Socialist, or whatever one is in effect putting oneself into a box from which there is no escape. In other words, making a prison for oneself. It has long been a contention of mine that if two people, say at opposite ends of some argument, sit and talk to each other, then sooner or later they will find something upon which they will agree. But will they be open enough with each other to admit it? I have long stated that I call things however I see them where ever it falls.


Ancillary to this is depending on a persons politics, the Gods and demons of the world will be predefined, and as such they will all be red herrings. With attention being so focused the hero's remain unsung and demons remain free to secretly manipulate and screw us all.


Talking to a left wing oriented friend a while back, I commented that at the last general Election I voted for UKIP, which I know he personally hates. Then I told him why, because they were the only party against HS2, an initiative which I personally loath.


He was totally speechless.


Actually, I don't like Farage, but cant have everything.




Taking things a bit further, once the politically minded has identified with a certain party or faction the rot will set in even deeper when they start visiting like minded websites etc and feed themselves on 'the party line', eventually loosing  the ability to form their own opinions.