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Politics, fake news, and people 'really coming from somewhere else' may appear disconnected, well they are not. And all have their origins in the past UK Blair Labour government. Read on.



Here in the UK in 1997, a new labour government led by Tony Blair came to power. The new Minister of Transport was John Prescott, who would turn out to be one of the most disliked politicians of all times. He would pursue of his his personal anti car, anti motorist agenda with determination, and all miss-sold to a gullible general public as 'road safety'


With the help of slimy tadpoles like Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell a whole raft of measures ranging from speed cameras, road bumps, anti car legislation and a scheme whereby local 'safety camera partnership' were they could keep a proportion of the revenue collected from fines were instigated. All dressed up a 'road safety', quite blatantly 'coming from somewhere else'.


Strategy for the introduction of speed cameras was simple, wait for a year when accidents for no particular reason reached a high then bang them in, and claim the the reduction in accidents was accredit able to the cameras,----fake news.


This has become now known as a "regression to the mean".


In effect you could put garden gnomes at the side of the road and get the same effect.


The honest and likeable Mr Prescott, although a long time personal friend of Blair, was to become such an embarrassment to the government he was eventually moved to a back office, out of the public gaze.


Although Prescott is now a political has-been, his legacy unfortunately lives on in some local authorities where the politically correct fashion of road bumps is a sacred cow. Pointlessly strewn along roads where for other reasons no one drives at more then 25 mph they provide a totally unnecessary nuisance to those who have to use the a road and a nightmare for local residents whose complaints are totally ignored.

Yet another example of those who know what is right for the rest of us.


But that is not the worst of it


Blair, 'Fake News' and "Ready in 45 minutes"


Tony Blair will probably go down in history with the dubious distinction of being the only prime minister who took this country to war on the back of spin and lies.


It has become something of a standing joke, but in reality is far from funny.


He stood before parliament and announced that Saddam Hussein not only has weapons of mass destruction but that they could be ready to deploy in 45 minutes. No such weapons were ever in fact found and the 45 minutes crap was just added as icing on the cake

There is no point in me elaborating on this, it is extensively written about elsewhere.


But "Fake News", just like a lot of other things, it is an original UK invention, and its Blair and his professional liars who invented it.


But where the "really coming from somewhere else" bit fits in is something we will never ever find out about. But its there.


The latest is that this charlatan is now encouraging anti Brexit supporters to rise up and stop it from happening, suggesting that "voters were lied to"


Well he would know all about that now wouldn't he