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January 2017 and knives are out for president elect Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has described as "fake news" allegations published in some media that his election team colluded with Russia - and that Russia held compromising material about his private life. It appears that a totally unsubstantiated report has appeared on some media alleging that Russia holds compromising information about him that makes him vulnerable to blackmail.

I have downloaded the original report from BuzzFeed and have it on my system. I do not intend to make it available for download due to my perception of potential legal issues. However I have analysed it from an IT standpoint rather than looking at its content, which in truth is pretty awful.

If you want it, get it here, it may not be there for ever:

A portion of the downloaded report appears below as a screenshot of the program that I used.

As can be seen in the above screenshot, several things emerge.

First, the downloaded report is not 'original' as incorrectly asserted by BuzzFeed, it is made up from a series of scans. The 'report' consists of a pdf made up of a series of 'reports'. Document properties indicated that it is totally unsecured and produced on iText

Close examination also reveals the following:

1/ The 'sexy' pages containing the most controversy were originally printed on different paper or a different printer, the pdf is showing different page size formats, different background colouring, and different ink patterns, as can be seen above. Look carefully at at some of characters and note the fuzziness.

2/Compare the print quality between the smaller top page and the lower one. The were either done on different paper with different ink absorption rates or a different printer.

Examination of the rest of the 'report' shows a numbering system of year + forward slash + number starting with a "0". These are not consecutive and are in random order. It would also be illegal filename under Windows as a slash is a component of a filepath. So the year could relate to a folder, the number be a file number.

There is a hand written page numbering in the bottom left hand corner which obviously is there to indicate sequence for the pdf compilation as available for download.

 The first 'report within the report' headed "2016/080" was a report of 3 pages, nos 2 and 3 are shown above, how it fits together is on the left. So we have either 2 different printers or different paper sheets used within the first report!

What is blatantly obvious is that the centre page has been replaced

Over on the right is the same kind of thing from the end of the 'report'. Again doctored pages have been inserted into the scan list for the final pdf.

Inserting copies that have simply been highlighted in yellow or names blacked out does not hold water as this can be seen on the smaller pages as well as the fact that the difference in paper tone and text fuzziness would reproduce on the copy.

The inserted pages have been completely retyped.

 Oh dear, we really need to do better than this children.

I have no opinion at this time whether the remainder of the report is accurate or otherwise, but the sexed up pages are obvious garbage as anyone would be aware that hotel rooms in Russia are bugged, what else is new.

It is an original idea though, sexing up a report, who would have thought of that one. I bet it was ready in 45 minutes.

I have been giving this more thought. If it is made up, why choose that particular 'act'. Well, I see an insider joke, "Taking the piss"?

The whole thing takes the piss. A and B reportedly told C, the Russians started grooming him way back before he was a presidential candidate, just an ordinary businessman, and when he was a candidate, albeit one whom nobody seriously believed would make it to the White House, he was offered a bribe worth nearly 700 million!

Its amazing how if people are told something that they really desperately want to hear they go ahead an buy it hook line and sinker. I would credit people with more sense.

ADDIN March 2018

It has only just occurred that in the US the standard paper size is "Letter" while here in the UK its A4. Letter is wider, A4 is longer. Now I am not suggesting anything, but, well, think about it.