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I drive quite a lot and at this time have been driving for 54 years, I have seen quite a lot and am often puzzled by the driving habits of others. Here are a few observations.

1/ Why drive close to the vehicle in front. If you wish to overtake at some point, keeping distance will give a better view of the road ahead, and making up the distance is no big deal in a modern car.

2/ Why drive in the middle lane of a motorway if the inside lane is clear. If doing so makes you feel safer, would you not feel even safer with the unused hard shoulder on your left? Middle lane hogging is illegal now anyway and attracts a fixed penalty.

3/ On each corner of your vehicle there are little amber lights called "indicators" which are operated by a stalk on the steering column. Its easy to use with a little practice. If you tell people what manoeuvre you are about to do before you do it there is less risk of an accident.

4/ Talking of lights, its good idea to have these at night and bulbs can be bought cheaply from most service stations. So why so many drivers with only half of them working?

5/ I have a novel, unusual, and bizarre punishment suggested for those who use a mobile phone while driving. All it needs it to give the police the power to take it off the driver and stamp on it. That's not what you thought I meant is it?


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