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                                              Eco fanatics; an analysis of obsession.

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A sign of our age is the decline of religion with shrinking church congregations against the growth of other non Christian or orthodox religions. I need talk, LOL.


The Global Warming Eco culture has been described as a religion, well the definition of the word is "a set of beliefs", so the cap definitely fits.



We probably all know of one because generally they are always working it on others and will try to bring it into nearly every conversation in the same way as some political fanatics. Well here we have religion and politics combined into one, maybe explaining the fanaticism. They will always try to sell it with the conviction of a double glazing salesman. If they post something on social media under a thread about Morris Dancing they will try to bring environmentalism into it.


The latest piece of green alarmism is like porn to them, how the penguins are all going to die, the icebergs melt and flood New York, and all the kind of rubbish they get off on. They eagerly await their favourite green magazine arriving through the post like an adolescent getting his hands on a dirty book then rush off to the toilet. They eagerly soak up every word before passing the ideas on to others with their own bit of embellishment added to make them feel good, the eco equivalent of putting a tenner on a church collection plate. What stands out to the rest of us is the orchestration.


Buzzing with enthusiasm they take the jack and spare out of their car boot to save weight and carbon and then ponder on its wisdom when they have a flat at 4.0 am on a wet morning half way down the M1.


They part fill a kettle to save more carbon then when its boiled find its does not fill the cup.


They pay double the price of conventional washing up liquid for the eco brand, if they read the label they would find its 30% water, which goes to explain why its 30% kinder to the environment.


The car of course is the major concern, all that dirty noxious CO2, so they go out an buy some pathetic little thing with all the power of a parish council.


Anyway, I am sorry if the page offends, so I will offer some original green ideas as a condolence.




#1 No bumps in your road? Easy fix, put a golf ball under the drivers seat of your car. Then you will be able to punish yourself wherever you drive.


#2 Take less exercise, then you will breath out less CO2


#3 When at home put on a warm coat and get used to sitting in the dark with no heating on.


#4 Try to get people like Katy Hopkins to shut up, again less CO2 being emitted. See I am not political.


#5 Save precious water. The incessant rain we have in this country is fake news put out by denialists. Fill your bath with only a few inches of water. Or better still don't take baths and people will always know when you are around.



Anyway, that's enough for now, off to Wales in my VRS Turbo. There will always be people like me, like those who buy a massive 4X4s to tame the road bumps. Instead of a nodding dog get an upright finger as a gesture to your anti car local council.