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               Martial Arts Bullshit....or is it?

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There is quite a web controversy about bullshit in martial arts, the one touch knock down, the no touch knock down and that kind of stuff.

The only thing is, there is an old saying about there being no smoke without fire, and this is generally true.

Ki (pronounced like "key") is an inner power, force or strength, for which unfortunately, there is no science to support its existence.

So is it bullshit.

Well try this for yourself.

Work on this with a friend of about the same height as yourself.

Stand facing each other. Now this is important. You must both be 'in line' as we say, so if you have a belt on the knot or buckle must be pointing at your partners.

Extend your arms outwards so that your hands are about a foot apart and hands as though you are holding a beach ball, elbows bent at about 90 degrees and arms extended slightly so that you could just get a tennis ball into your armpits. Point you fingers upward so that your thumbs are turned back towards your face and you can feel a very slight strain in your wrists.

Get you partner to grasp firmly your left wrist.

Now imagine you are holding a precious vase worth millions of pounds, and your intention is to carefully place it on a shelf above your partners left shoulder, so you will be making a slight semi circular movement.

Now concentrating on not dropping the vase carefully place it on the imaginary shelf.

Your partner will tell you about it, for sure.

So moving on:

Disregarding the antics of a certain American guy who has the black belt in bullshit, lets take a look at the one touch knockdown.

A point I have to make on this is that the account of an observer relates to the observers perception of it. I have done 'things' and been told by an observer "You didn't do anything". Well I did do something, its just the observers perception of it.

A favourite trick on the street is pushing or shoving. An effective counter to this comes from aikido in the form of the 'unbendable arm' and 'dropping body weight'.

The weak part of the arm is the elbow joint and the trick is just lay the side of the hand on the inner elbow of the antagonist and freezing ones arm, just drop body weight while spiralling down in an outward circular movement. Down he goes. I have been on the receiving end of it and it felt like a bag of cement being dropped on my arm. Whether this is 'ki' or just body mechanics, all I know is that it works. But to an observer it can appear as just a touch, especially in the retelling of it.


It happened to me

Years ago I ran a motor company amongst other businesses. We had taken a car in part exchange, destined for the auction, but the starter motor was no good and I decided that getting a second hand one from a breakers would be a good move. First thing people would look for at the auction was how it started up.

Near my premises was a breakers yard. Well the chap who ran it had an Alsatian guard dog which was notorious, when the gates were open he kept it shut away.

Well the day I visited to get my starter motor the gates were wide open so I just strode into his yard, next thing the dog appeared and stood growling at me and showing his teeth.

I knew that if I turned and ran it would have me. I had done some training with a Sports And Social club dealing with attack dogs so stood my ground waiting to receive the dogs attack.

For the uninitiated, don't attempt to resist the dog, the trick is to offer the dog a target, your left arm and when it engages to pivot on your left foot so that you go down on top of the dog rather than the other way round. If you don't offer a target, the dog will pick its own, possibly your throat, be warned.

Anyway, the dog came in in leaps and bounds, I stood my ground looking straight at it, they can smell fear.

For some unaccountable reason, and I still don't know why I did it, I directed straight at the dog the best kiai shout I could possibly muster. The dog stopped dead in his tracks, turned and ran. The chap who ran the yard came out of his house white as a sheet. All he could mutter was "I didn't know it was out"

As we passed the dogs mesh 'cage' it whimpered and drew back as soon as it saw me.

Three months later I mentioned the incident to someone and was told that he had sold the dog.

The guy's name was Les S, and he is probably still around, I hope so anyway. This is as close I will get to naming names in my little 'stories'. The story is true, I swear on the honour code.

There is an interesting link here:

Cant figure this one out.


Debunking Bullshit

We live in an age where debunking everything seems to be a fashionable thing, so lets just use a bit of common sense.

Common sense tells us that if we jump off a building we will probably kill our self, if we put our hand in a fire we will get burned. It also tells us that even if we practice a martial art that is just a sport, and no use in a real fight as all it will do is make us fit, then being "fit" will make us better in a real fight than if we are unfit.

Common sense tells us that if we can throw a punch, practicing karate will help us throw a better one.

Common sense tells us that if a person has self confidence, even if its misplaced, this may well put off a lot of would be attackers. A lot of the unprovoked attacks that take place are carried out by bullies by feel a need to prove something to themselves and usually pick out victims whom they feel will be an easy mark.

I am getting pissed off with hearing that if I punch someone in the head against bone I will injure my hand. I can punch a bloody brick wall without injuring my hand, there are guys on YouTube there to watch putting their fists through paving slabs for Gods sake. Common sense tells me that if someone gets hit with a punch like that they will probably end up in a box.

Thing is, there are horse races where 50-1 outsiders win the race, so nothing is entirely predictable. Same goes for a fight.

Anyone who says "Martial Arts are no use at all on the street" is a complete idiot.