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ABOVE Cligga Head Mine. Just inside the middle adit.

All in granite

Main shaft at bottom level

ABOVE: Wheal Margery Adit, just in from the beach. Note granite stemples and obvious mineral vein


  ABOVE  This stope, probably part of the Providence Mines, emerges on Carbis bay beach.

Above: Main Shaft at adit level, Mount Wellington Mine. This mine is now sealed off.


Above: Old 'double adit' Mount Wellington

Stopes in Mount Wellington Mine

Above: The St Just area is notes for its narrow stopes, often worked by just one man. Picture in St Just United mine.

Typical of Cornish mines is the use of square cut timbers of imported pine. Forests are few in that area.

Most Cornish mines were originally worked for copper, tin only came in at depth or as an alluvial deposit.

Ore was often raised by the use of a skipway, the copper staining adds decoration.