Roy Fellows UK.

A free thinking website of personal thoughts, martial arts, political comment, and other topical subjects.







Roy Fellows, my story      My personal story, for those who are interested.


My home.                            It takes all sorts.


My martial arts story.        One of my life's great interests  


Martial Arts tales.               A personal slant on martial arts BS.


Martial arts on the street.  Reality check.


Local Karate History.  Some local karate history, West Midlands UK.


On the roads                      Over 50 years of driving experience and the tales to tell.


Scams                                 Beware!


Technology                        We need to be careful, some personal thoughts.


My photo gallery               I like taking photographs.


Other stuff hub      Main hub for world events, political comment, and much more.                                     On TV in one of my mines.



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